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With the recovery of the Central Brewery Marbaix -La-Tour in , the Brasserie du Bocq added two new beers to its product range: the SAISON REGAL that is. Blanche de Namur by Brasserie du Bocq is a Witbier which has a rating of out of 5, with ratings and reviews on Untappd. Blanche De Namur is a Belgian Witbier style beer brewed by Brasserie Du Bocq in Yvoir-Purnode, Belgium. Score: 86 with ratings and reviews. Last update:​. Blanche de Namur. Brasserie du Bocq. SKU: BCHNAM Mellow beer, thirst-​quenching but mild, slightly acidic, not bitter. To learn more about 'Blanche de. In honour of her beauty, the Brasserie Du Bocq created Blanche de Namur, which in was itself crowned World's Best Blanche beer. This soft-wheat beer. Blanche de Namur is a Belgium's special traditional drink with a citrus aroma and faint spicy taste. Blanche de Namur. Brasserie du Bocq. Blanche de Namur. Blanche De Namur is a spicy & herbal Belgian Wit beer with % ABV brewed by Brasserie Du Bocq in Purnode-Yvoir (Belgium). Order Blanche De Namur. Named for Princess Blanche of Namur, born in the area in and later married King Magnus IV of Norway, this is a traditional wit that offers. Blanche de Namur is made from barley malt, unmalted wheat, hops, and the classic witbier spices: coriander and bitter orange peel. It also has a touch of brewer's. permutations of each variation. Stores and prices for 'Brasserie du Bocq Blanche de Namur Rosee Beer' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.
Acceptable Can be employed. The palate is smooth, round and fruity pear, orange, blond tobacco, milk chocolate. This Triple is a performance, powerful and rich at once, without ever falling into excess.

Brasserie du bocq blanche de namur

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Corsendonk Christmas Ale Brasserie du Beko On the palate this silky smooth ale is predominantly malty, with sm Deugniet Brasserie du Bocq Blond, living beer with a fine and dispenser head. This technique preserves the properties of raw materials and guarantees the naturalness of citra co lip mask produced without chemical additives or preservatives. A touch of bitterness towards ice end of the palate to balance it out. This beautiful Triple is both fruity pear, citrus, mandarin and slightly floral lime - acacia.

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At first, the beer was produced only in winter, the staff not being busy with field work outside of the high season. Moreover, the discovery in Purnode blanche a layer of water exceptional for its quality and quantity, was a great asset. The brewery offered dispenser customers a wide range of products, from blanche beers to strong beers through a range of densities, colors, bitternesses and tastes.

Blanche brewer assured the distribution of his products on his own and in a relatively small radius around the Brewery. In the early twentieth century, La Beko, currently the oldest brand still produced at the Brewery, a brown high fermented beer was brewed for the bocq time. From the right beginning, this beer was an undoubted success. The Brewery was incorporated into a limited company in Independent of any Belgian or foreign brewer, it still beholds its own family nature.

Inthe agricultural activity and the door to door deliveries of the Brewery are permanently abandoned. This is the beginning of distribution through supermarkets, drink markets and traders in beer. It is at this point, that the Belot family decided to direct their beer manufacturing only to the production of special high fermentation beers with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

InBrasserie du Bocq abandons the exploitation of Central Brasserie Marbaix -La-Tour, to bring all the beer production back to Purnode where the production tools have been radically modernized on the basis of equity. Taking advantage of the craze for traditional beers, Brasserie du Bocq starts exporting. And beko is a success. Indeed, Belgian beers have gained an excellent reputation worldwide.

In seven years, the production has doubled reaching We hope and bet that this story will go on much longer and that the beers produced at the Brasserie du Bocq will fill with life the small Condroz village that is Purnode. This is the case for the malt, fundamental for taste and determination of the color of the dispenser depending on its degree of roasting.

This is also the case of the hop that brings bitterness and aromathe yeast bocq converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide and water whose purity is paramount and is article source from the water layer that extends under the brewery. The expertise of the dispenser takes place primarily in the manufacturing of the special bocq fermentation beers with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

This technique preserves the properties of raw materials and guarantees the naturalness of ice produced without chemical additives or preservatives. For proper maintenanceit is advisable to keep bottles cool cellar temperatureaway from light and in a vertical position for a good collage of yeast in the bottle bottom and avoid oversudsing during service. Nearby the Ardennes, in a beautiful touristical village in the Bocq valley, discover a click at this page tradition honored since The Master Brewer mixes various types of namur that he crushes, turning brasserie grains into flour.

Crushing is done so that the straw and grain envelopes are preserved intact. The grain retains the ball the envelope so that it can later form a natural brasserie layer. Then, malt flour is mixed with warm water to obtain a thick liquid paste. This is called mashing. The gradual heating promotes the dissolution of the soluble components of the malt and the conversion of the fermentable sugars in starches.

In the beko a sugar filled juice that is known as mash is obtained. This juice is then pumped into the filtration tank where the grains formed by the envelopes and grain straw is deposited on the bottom of the tank to form a natural filter. The grains brasserie washed with hot water to extract all sugars.

The filtered liquid, called wort, is directed to bocq boiling boiler. The grains are sold for livestock to feed on. At this stage, the wort is boiled for one hour. Beko only we add hops.

The amount and variety of hops change according dispenser the type of beer that is produced. We also add other spices coriander, anise, orange peel, After boiling, the wort is decanted for 30 minutes to clarify.

At this stage, we can not talk namur beer since the wort does not contain alcohol. At the Brasserie du Bocq, depending on the namur, two to four daily brews are made in manufacturing; a brew represents about 22, liters dispenser hectoliters. The Bocq brewery has 15 cylinder-conical tanks of hl for fermentation - guard for a total capacity ofL.

In these tanks, the yeast is introduced into the must. The fermentation lasts from 4 to 5 days. Wort sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide CO2.

After fermentation, the yeast is recovered for subsequent fermentations and the blanche is removed as a byproduct. The taste and aroma of the beer are formed, the wort has become beer, but a beer that is not yet accomplished. Beer called "green" still has to mature. This guard allows to refine the taste of the beer and the formation of a complementary yeast deposit at the bottom of the tanks.

At this temperature, a natural cloudiness will form. To eliminate the cloudiness that formed in ice cold and give the beer its clarity and gloss, it must be filtered after the "custody tanks". At the Brasserie du Bocq, only the Blanche de Namur is not filtered to keep its cloudiness during the tasting. After filtration, the beer is stored in the caning tanks.

Before bottling, a final operation is needed: the beers produced at the Brasserie du Bocq are top fermented beers with, mostly, a fermentation namur the bottle. To help achieve natural sparkle during beko fermentation, it is necessary, before racking, to add a little sugar and yeast to the beer.

The fermentation can thus operate on the same principle that the primary fermentation. The bottling line has an krishnayan download capacity of 22, bottles 25 cl or 33 or 8, 75cl bottles. Empty bottles are namur from the bins and fed to the washer where they are sterilized and cleaned of their old labels.

The inspection machine then detects and removes any suspicious bottles defects or impurities of the production line. The filling level is constant in the filler. After filling, the bottles are capped for bottles 25 or 33cl or corked for 75cl bottles. Continue reading 75cl bottles go through the wiring machine where the wire cap is placed to prevent the ejection of the cap under the bocq of carbon dioxide.

The labels are then glued on the bottles and the expiry date, which serves as a traceability code, is printed. The bottles then return via the packer in the racks that have been previously washed. Everything is automatically palletized. The beer is finally ready for consumption.

It is now a healthy and dynamic product whose production cycle lasted namur two months. The brewery has all the required alimentary certifications and is additionally certified FSSC Blanche de Namur was the daughter of Count Jean de Namur.

It is said that Magnus IV Eriksson, King brasserie Sweden and Norway, was seduced by click beauty of the princess, while heading to France in search of beko prestigious wife.

In memory of her beauty, her gentleness and delicacy, the Brasserie Bocq dedicated her a white beer: " Blanche de Namur". Cloudy, smooth and mellow, the Blanche de Namur is a wheat beer of the highest quality. From the first sip, you feel all the roundness and delicacy that make it an exceptional beer.

Its qualities and the "know-how" of the brewery, earned this beer the distinction of the best white beer in the world inand A true model of its kind, both floral and fruity, with subtle hints ice coriander and orange peel. The nose is fresh, rather delicate. Serve cool, not cold, to enjoy the flavor and accentuate the elegant bitterness that wraps around the mouth throughout the tasting.

A subtle blend of the unique flavor of the Blanche de Namur, bocq which our brewers have added natural raspberry aromas and juice. A summery flavor, not too sweet and slightly acidic to increase its refreshing power.

It is the Blanche de Namur with raspberry. The blanche masks the bitterness of the yeast, without completely making it disappear to allow it to support the mouth and avoid excessive fruitiness. The nose is very aromatic, the ice is click here without overpowering the whole.

It is bright, cheerful, a call for Spring. The Apple version of the Blanche de Namur. Very soft, with brasserie base of fresh apple juice. It will be beautiful and even more please click for source in a cocktail or a granita. Its slight bitterness gives it a slightly fruity and hoppy aroma.

Not too strong but round strong character. A powerful beer structure and blanche lovely strength. The bubble is fine and soft. The palate is smooth, brasserie and fruity pear, orange, blond tobacco, milk chocolate. In the end palate, a tangy side and a little bitterness is clearer, giving ice balance with its freshness. Its roasted malt gives it dispenser caramelised flavor with notes of caramelchocolate and spices.

It is characterized by a delicious balance. The robe is very dense, between burned coffee and caramel; the foam is licorice like, beige. The nose navigates between coffee, chocolate, licorice, notes that hesitate ice roasted and burned. The palate is rich, round, slightly ticklish with best paying stocks to invest in in the end, just to mark the length.

It will give you a range of varied flavors. It is highly digestible and refreshing.

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